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How To Take Screenshot On Galaxy S21 Plus [Solution] 2024

how to take screenshot on galaxy s21 plus  [Solution] 2024

Capturing Screenshots on the Galaxy S21 Plus: A Step-by-Step Guide

The ability to capture screenshots is an essential feature of any smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Whether you want to save a memorable post, share important information with others, or troubleshoot an issue with your device, knowing how to take screenshots can be extremely useful. In this article, we will guide you through the different methods to capture screenshots on the Galaxy S21 Plus, allowing you to easily save and share what’s on your screen.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to take screenshots on the Galaxy S21 Plus, you can visit the official Samsung support page for step-by-step instructions. This resource provides detailed information on various methods, including using physical buttons, Palm Swipe, and Smart Select. It’s always helpful to refer to official sources for accurate and up-to-date information.

Method 1: Using Physical Buttons

The most straightforward way to capture a screenshot on the Galaxy S21 Plus is by using the physical buttons on the device. Here’s how:

  • Open the screen or app you want to capture.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button on the left side of the device.
  • At the same time, press and hold the Power button on the right side of the device.
  • Hold both buttons for a second until you see a brief animation and hear a camera shutter sound.
  • The screenshot will be saved in the Gallery app or in the Screenshots folder.

This method is simple and effective, making it a popular choice for capturing screenshots on the Galaxy S21 Plus.

Method 2: Using Palm Swipe

If you find it difficult to simultaneously press the Volume Down and Power buttons, you can utilize the Palm Swipe feature to capture screenshots on your Galaxy S21 Plus. Follow these steps:

  • Open the screen or app you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Ensure that the Palm Swipe feature is enabled. To do this, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures > Palm Swipe to Capture, and toggle the switch to the ON position.
  • Hold your hand vertically and swipe it from right to left (or left to right) across the screen.
  • You will see a brief animation and hear a camera shutter sound indicating that the screenshot has been captured.
  • The screenshot will be saved in the Gallery app or in the Screenshots folder.

The Palm Swipe method can be a convenient alternative if you prefer using gestures instead of buttons to capture screenshots.

Method 3: Using Smart Select

The Galaxy S21 Plus offers an additional method called Smart Select, which allows you to capture screenshots with greater flexibility. Here’s how you can use this feature:

  • Open the screen or app you want to capture.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Quick Settings panel.
  • Tap on the Smart Select icon, which looks like a rectangle with a pen icon in it.
  • Select the desired shape for your screenshot (rectangle, oval, or freeform).
  • Adjust the selected area as needed by dragging the edges or corners.
  • Tap the Done button to capture the screenshot.
  • You can then choose to annotate, crop, or share the screenshot using the options provided.

Smart Select offers more customization options, allowing you to capture specific portions of the screen for various purposes.

Method 4: Using Bixby Voice Assistant

If you prefer a hands-free approach, the Bixby Voice Assistant can help you capture screenshots using voice commands. Follow these steps to utilize this feature:

  • Enable the Bixby Voice Assistant by pressing and holding the Power button, then swiping right.
  • Say “Hi, Bixby” or press and hold the Bixby button (if available) to activate the voice assistant.
  • Say “Take a screenshot” or a similar command to capture the screenshot.
  • Bixby will respond by taking the screenshot and providing options for further actions.

The Bixby Voice Assistant is a convenient option if you need to capture screenshots hands-free, especially when your hands are occupied or if you prefer voice commands.

Tips for Taking Screenshots on the Galaxy S21 Plus

Now that you know the different methods to capture screenshots on the Galaxy S21 Plus, here are some additional tips to enhance your screenshot-taking experience:

Capture Scrolling Screenshots

The Galaxy S21 Plus offers a feature called Scroll Capture, which enables you to capture screenshots that extend beyond the visible screen. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  • Capture a screenshot using any of the methods mentioned above.
  • When the screenshot preview appears, tap the Scroll Capture option, usually located at the bottom of the screen.
  • The screen will automatically scroll and capture additional content until you tap the Stop button.
  • Review the captured scrolling screenshot and make any necessary edits or adjustments.
  • Save or share the scrolling screenshot as desired.

The Scroll Capture feature can be handy when you need to capture entire web pages, long chats, or any content that requires scrolling.

Editing and Sharing Screenshots

After capturing a screenshot, you can perform various actions to edit, annotate, or share the screenshot. Here are some options available:

  • Tap the Edit button or the screenshot preview to access editing tools that allow you to crop, draw, add text, and more.
  • Use the sharing options within the screenshot preview to send the screenshot via messaging apps, social media, email, or other platforms.

By utilizing the editing and sharing features, you can customize and distribute your screenshots according to your preferences and needs.

Organizing Screenshots

The Gallery app on the Galaxy S21 Plus allows you to access and manage your screenshots. To keep your screenshots organized, consider the following tips:

  • Create a separate folder specifically for screenshots within the Gallery app.
  • Periodically delete unnecessary or outdated screenshots to free up storage space.

Organizing your screenshots can make it easier to find and locate specific images when you need them.


Capturing screenshots on the Galaxy S21 Plus is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to save and share important information and moments. Whether you prefer using physical buttons, gestures, or voice commands, the various methods available cater to different user preferences. By following the step-by-step instructions, tips, and utilizing the additional features like Scroll Capture, editing, and organizing, you can make the most of the screenshot functionality on your Galaxy S21 Plus. Now, go ahead and capture those memorable moments, share important details, or troubleshoot with ease.

Key Takeaways

  1. Taking a screenshot on the Galaxy S21 Plus is easy and can be done in different ways.
  2. One method is to use the hardware buttons by pressing the volume down and power buttons simultaneously.
  3. Another method is to use a swipe gesture by swiping the edge of your hand across the screen from right to left.
  4. You can also take a screenshot by using a palm swipe gesture. Just place the side of your hand on the edge of the screen and swipe across it.
  5. If you prefer using the software method, you can use the Smart Capture feature by enabling it in the settings and then selecting the Capture option from the menu when you take a screenshot.
how to take screenshot on galaxy s21 plus  [Solution] 2024 2

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