Hello Guys, today we are going to explain some attractive features of Google search engine, or you could say some tricks of Google search.

So without wasting time let`s start…

The First one is: If you want to say about a big digit amount and you can`t specify then you can search the amount on google like this: “258963214789 =English” so you will get the result very easily.

The Second one is: if you are searching something related with pdf, I mean you are looking for some pdf file of something, then you should search the thing by adding PDF at the end of your file name you are searching for,

Like this: “laptop manual pdf”

The Third one is: if you are looking for something but you don’t know the name or any other details of that thing then you can search it by its own picture.

To do that you need to go first on your browser and type “images.google.com” and click the camera icon to upload any photos, and then select the picture you want to look for.

It will take a while to upload the file and searching for it.

Also you can select HD and large file option of that photo.

But one more thing if you are trying on mobile then you needs to try it by enabling the desktop mode while clicking on three dots and then the desktop mode of browser.

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