we are going to know about two cool and helpful websites.

these two are very useful website for web designer.

if you are a developer or a website designer then it will help you very much.

First one is : GTmetrix.com

you can test your website here, test means how is the website?

Like opening speed and heavy or low content in the website. Also you can check performance, structure and test server location and many others helpful things.

Example : you can see the Result of Facebook in the picture.


You can click any of these option to know better.  like summary, performance, structure, waterfall, videos, History etc.


Here’s another helpful website: 10minutemail.com

you can understand what it does by its name. if you are not then here’s clarification, whenever you come to this website it will give you a temporary e-mail to use it for 10 minutes.

yes, it is for your temporary need whenever you want any e-mail address for your work.

nowadays  it’s very common that you need temporary mail address to sign up some extra website or verify some work.

if you need that particular mail for another 10 minutes then you just need to click on “Get 10 more minutes” option.


it`s really helpful.


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